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Customers are changing. 
So we changed retail

Brick & mortar retail was disrupted by the online giants... but customer still shop in stores in record numbers.  We create environments that jumpstart the online conversion in store.

digital meets physical

Founded by Ashley & Dene Heath in 2018, LiTMUS group is changing retail forever.

With over 50 years experience between them in digital development & retail, the company created resilience for brick & mortar partners, which proved an invaluable tool with throughout the pandemic shift in shopping.

After signing a major partnership in 2019 with Myer Holdings Pty Ltd - Australia's largest department store - LiTMUS has consistently featured in their market announcements & continues to grow and support their omni-channel aspirations.

Our software & ecosystem is infinitely scalable and we will continue to redefine innovative retail experiences around the globe.

Be a part of the revolution.  

reach out at 

Retail wont stand still.

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